Can I adjust or cancel my reservation online?

Anouk van Driessen -

Of course! You can adjust or cancel your reservation online. It is possible to adjust your reservation to click on one of the buttons in your confirmation e-mail.However, you can also manage your reservations when you're logged in with a Couverts profile. Adjusting or cancelling your reservation is possible on the ‘Reservations’ page of your profile. Underneath each reservation you find the buttons ‘change reservation’ and ‘cancel reservation’.

When you select ‘adjust reservation’ a pop-up will appear in which you can change the following settings:

  1. Date

  2. Number of guests

  3. The time of the reservation

  4. Wishes or remarks

If you choose to cancel your reservation, we ask for a confirmation of your cancellation.  All the changes you apply to your reservation will automatically be uploaded to the online agenda of the restaurant.

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