I can’t find my review on the Couverts site, where is it?

Anouk van Driessen -

When the link is used properly, the review quickly becomes visible on Couverts.nl. When it is not, it is possible that the review is reported as abuse. It is then immediately deleted from the website and will be analysed by the independent editorial office from Couverts. Read the ‘Review requirements’ article about the review policy Couverts uses to analyse the reported abuse.

It is also possible that the restaurant is new; in this case the reviews don’t show until there are at least three. With three reviews we can show an average mark.

A review is part of the reservation process, and is therefore connected to the booking you made at the restaurant. You hereby allow the restaurant to be able to contact you, with regard to the review.

If case you would like to know if this has happened, you can send an email to consument@couverts.nl

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